SpaceAG is a leading Ag-tech SaaS startup that digitizes farming operations to make agriculture more profitable and sustainable. They were looking to refresh their old website and find a better and clearer way to share their value proposition.
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1. Before

• The unique value proposition was not clear.
• There was not enough information for visitors to get to know how the software works and if it will meet their needs.
• The company was not taking advantage of previous case studies to showcase the value that they were providing to their customers.

2. What I did

Videos showing the features and stating the main benefits of the solution

This allowed me to share the benefits of the solution and value proposition  in a compelling and clear way.

Interactive elements showing the use cases

Using Webflow interactions, I was able to replicate the software functionalities and main use cases. This helps users get to know how the software works and understand if it will meet their needs.

Case studies and real results

Showcasing case studies is important for building trust and increasing perceived value. I was able to create a CMS collection to upload case studies of the main solutions so that visitors can understand how they are creating value for their customers.

3. After

Clear value proposition and benefits
Visitors better informed about whether the solution meets their needs
Case studies showing how the solution creates value for customers
"Mauricio was able to capture the vision and structure the information effectively on the new website. I would recommend him for his good attitude, because he was always available to answer any questions or changes throughout the process, and because of the good results."
Carolina Guglielmino
UX/UI Analyst, SpaceAG

More case studies!

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Open live website
Web Design
Webflow Development
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Open live website
Web Design
Webflow Development

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