The more content you create online, the more authority you will have in your domain.

Who would you trust more?

  • πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Person A: No website or online presence.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Person B: Has a blog with 40+ publications and lots of content on different social media platforms.

βœ‰οΈ These are 4 reasons why I am starting a newsletter:

1. βœ… Establish expertise and online presence

I heard this guy on YouTube speaking about how creating content online is crucial to becoming a person of influence in your industry. He said something mind-blowing:

The content that you create online transcends space and time.

- Daniel Priestley

‍If you are not stacking online content and building a personal brand, you will depend on paid ads forever. With a personal brand, you will attract customers to your business without chasing them.

The start of everything is a newsletter, a place where you can start placing all your knowledge and experience. A newsletter will let you go in depth into any subject that you want to write about and serve as a source for medium or short form content.

2. πŸ”„ Β Create medium or short form content with less effort

Creating content is a headache for most people starting a personal brand. This happens because you lack strategy and structure.
I have been there:

  • Hours thinking about what I should upload to my Instagram page.
  • Hours doing research.
  • Hours preparing the content and editing the post
  • .... Burnout

Once you have long-form content in a newsletter, it is way easier.
Now you only have to take ideas from your newsletter and adapt them to the format of each social platform. If you write a weekly newsletter, you can share X threads or Instagram carousels with the same information in minutes.

Develop a strategy, for example:

  • Sundays: Publish blogpost and send newsletter.
  • Tuesdays: Publish an X thread with the main points of the newsletter.
  • Wednesdays: Share a Linkedin post with the same information as the thread.
  • Thursdays: Share an Instagram carousel of the thread.


3. ✍️ Develop writing skills and mental clarity

Writing is the foundation of everything, as Dan Koe mentions:

It's safe to say that if you want to do your own thing, you will have to write. Emails, messages, posts, articles, scripts, curriculums, landing pages... Everything starts with writing. It is the main lever mover in your business.

- Dan Koe

If you want to improve your writing and your work, you have to start writing more. Like everything in life, it will get better with practice. With practice, you will become more persuasive, clear and compelling. Besides the improvement in the quality of your work, writing can be very good for your mind. As Talia Meadows mentions in her blogpost, This is Your Brain on Writing:

One of the main mental health benefits of writing is that it can help you to gain clarity. When you write, you are forced to organize your thoughts and put them into words. This can help you to see things more clearly and make better decisions.

- Talia Meadows

4. 🀝 Help others going on the same path as me

There is nothing more fulfilling than providing value to others and making an impact on their lives. A great system to provide value to people is through a newsletter. This way, people that resonate with you and your ideas can be up to date with your content.

OK, but how can you start writing a newsletter?

πŸ“ These are 3 easy steps to starting a newsletter

1. Setup a blog and mailing software.

For the mailing software, you can choose Mailchimp, Brevo or Audienceful. I recommend using this last one - especially if you use Webflow. Audienceful lets you publish blog posts in your Webflow CMS collection and send mailing campaigns at the same time.

2. Pick your topics

If you are starting, you have to write about high-performing topics that can relate to your business. This way you can:

  • πŸš€ Grow your audience.
  • πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Attract new customers through your blog posts and newsletters.
  • πŸ“ˆ Improve your website SEO ranking through content creation.

You have to set expectations about your unique proposition and deliver value to your audience in order to grow.

For example, I have a Web Design and development agency and my newsletter's unique value proposition at the moment is the following:

πŸ—£οΈ: I write about πŸ’» Web design, πŸ”Ž SEO, Β and  🌐 Online Business. My focus is on providing value to people that want to start an online business or people that have a business and want to improve their online results.

3. Start creating content

Now that you have a blog and a newsletter, you must start creating and stacking content. With this said, I want to share with you some facts to have in mind once you start creating content online.

4 Facts to have in mind when creating content online

I listened to Rich Webster, founder of Work Less Wednesday Newsletter, and got some insights that changed my mindset. These are some eye-opening ideas that will help you with creating content:

1. πŸ’© Your content will suck at the start

You have to suck in order to get good.

‍There is no way to get good at something without going through the process of becoming good.

2. πŸ«€ Survival is more important than skill

It's about being stubborn rather than being good.

‍You will need to publish content consistently for a long period of time to get results.

Focus on the process, not the outcome. If you are not good at the beginning, but you keep creating content, your skill will catch up over time.

3. πŸ‘₯ Networking plays a huge part in growth

People work behind the scenes to build a network to:

  • Get their content shared by other people.
  • Help each other out.

4. πŸͺ« Burnout is real

It is necessary to establish a limit that goes in hand with your lifestyle. If you commit to something that demands too much, you will get burnout and stop being consistent.

Hope this can help you!

One final advice:

If you are thinking about starting a newsletter and creating content online,

Do it. The sooner the better.

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